Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Help! My tomato plant is swallowing my balcony!!

My balcony gardening escapades this year have been far more ambitious then even my actual-gardening attempts last year.

Our balcony garden consists of:

  • 4 cherry tomato plants
  • 4 green pepper plants
  • 2 bins of potatoes (fingerling potatoes & regular)
  • 1 bin of onions
  • 1 bin of carrots

Two of our tomato plants have decided that in order to lead full and satisfying lives, they must conquer the whole territory of the balcony.  So far they're making excellent progress too.

If you hear screaming coming from my vacinity, its because they've suddenly developed consciousness and are trying to eat me.

The moral of this gardening story?  When planning a container garden on a balcony, keep in mind that buying "indeterminate" tomato seeds might just result in six feet or more of tomato plant.  Just... you know... FYI.  ;P

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear, you have planted a veritable army of vegetables. Keep a couple pairs of hedge clippers next to the bed for sure!!